Helio's YouTube 2.0 Client Hands-on and Impressions (Verdict: It's Good)

youtubehelio.jpgYouTube and Helio aren't strangers in the least, but compared to the iPhone's gorgeous implementation, Helio's first version was found to be a little lacking. No more. The latest release, available today, bumps Helio up onto the same tier as Apple's offering. Here's what we think.The video quality is definitely good, but not quite as good as iPhone over Wi-Fi. The good news is that it loads faster and looks better than iPhone over EDGE. The interface is pretty solid, and allows you to scroll horizontally between featured videos popular videos. The standard desktop options like favourites, commenting, playlists, related videos, rating and searching are also there.

What makes this better than the iPhone is the ability to upload videos directly from your phone. How cool is it to shoot a camera vid, dump it onto YouTube, then call your friends to tell them about this crazy homeless guy you saw on the road? And speaking of roads, you can even GPS tag it with the Ocean's GPS so you know exactly where it is you were when you shot it. Only available on the Ocean for free. [Helio]


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