Guitar Hero III Guitar Modded with Magnetic Switch and Touchscreen

guitar-hero-gizmodo.jpgIn another demonstration of humanity's relentless quest for fun, a guy has installed a touchscreen on a Guitar Hero guitar as well as a magnetic switch that allows him to play it with a magnetic pick. According to Cyberpyrot, it "plays much better than before". And while it may not be as cool-looking as the Angel Sword Guitar, it sure looks cool in the dark. Video, pics, details and his plans for version 2.0 after the jump:

Since the screen uses most of the space, the guitar doesn't have its usual controller. Instead, Cyberpyrot—who did the mod—added a magnetic switch under the body so he could use a magnetic pick to play the guitar. Cyberpyrot told that "yeah, it plays better but unfortunately I don't".

The touchscreen itself mirrors the action on the TV and something else: It allows you to control the whammy bar by sweeping your fingers across the screen.


The mod took "about three days to make, and it wasn't really expensive: $US108 for Guitar Hero III, $US77 for the LCD, $US44 for the touch panel and about $US30 for miscellaneous items."

According to Cyberpyrot, the next phase is to "add optics to the guitar so it can play itself", getting perfect scores and probably opening a breach in the time-space continuum that will destroy the Universe. [Acid Mods]

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