Google to Control Your Dog, Personal Belongings, Marry Your Wife

googlerfid.jpgHere's Google latest plan to take over the galaxy with the power of their fully armed and operational server fleet: let you tag everything you want, from your dog to a book to your mobile phone to your car keys, and have it controlled at all times using RFID. According to a report on the Daily Mail:

Talking with Google's VP of engineering Douglas Merrill, the Daily Mail talks about "one plan, which has already tentatively started, entails making literally everything in the world accessible at the click of a button. For now, this means every book, piece of music, film, TV and radio broadcast, official document and photograph. But eventually, far-fetched as it sounds, Google boffins believe it can be extended to people and their personal belongings."I can see how useful this could be. However, and even while Google's VP of engineering Douglas Merrill "says it is quite impossible for individuals or corporations to manipulate Google's search system to their advantage," I feel this path could get quite dangerous down the line.

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