Google Sees the World in an iPod by 2020

ipod-classic-070905-2.pngIn a recent presentation at the Captains of Industry Conference, Google BP Sukhinder Singh Cassidy wanted to drive home just how much the growth of storage alone has driven innovation. After pointing out that the factor of storage prices had fallen by 3.6 million since 1982, she told the group:

if this trend continues, and the cost of storage continues to decrease, we estimate that somewhere around 2020, all the world's content will fit inside an iPod, and all the world's music would sit in your palm as early as 2015...rendering the CD format unnecessary.

She also tossed out some numbers on daily content creation that are pretty interesting.

We estimate that everyday somewhere around 65,000 new videos are added to YouTube, 100,000 blogs it's just staggering if you look at the rate at which content is being produced.

Wow, that's a lot of pig punch videos. [macworld]

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