Glucoboy Makes Blood-Testing (Sort of) Fun With GBA and Online Gaming Rewards

glucoboy.jpgWhen it comes to diabetes blood-testing the word "fun" does not spring to mind. However, the Glucoboy could change all that by rewarding consistent testing and good results. When the blood glucose meter is combined with a Game Boy Advance or Nintendo DS, kids can earn points that will unlock mini-games on the included cartridge or rewards on the GRiP incentive-based web community.

The concept has been around for years, but is only being released now due to a 3 year struggle with Nintendo for approval to manufacture the device. Why Nintendo dragged their feet on this one is a mystery. Do they have something against kids with juvenile diabetes or what? All that aside, the device is now available in Australia for around $260. Plans are in the works to make the Glucoboy available worldwide in the near future. [Product Page via Next Gen via Joystiq]

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