Glass and Gold Centre Channel from Perfect8 a Snip Compared to its Speakers

perfect8-force-glass-center-speaker.jpgSwedish audio firm Perfect8 has introduced a glass-and-gold centre channel that it sees as the perfect accompaniment to its FORCE speakers. Perfect, that is, if you've got $45,650 to spare. Still, that's a drop in the ocean compared to the cost of the 6'7" speakers, which weigh 160 kilograms each. You'll find the awe-inspiring price below.


A pair of FORCE loudspeakers, each one of which takes over 200 hours to assemble, will set you back $316,000. It's not all bad, however, as Perfect8 throw in four subwoofers at no extra cost. The set is sort of pretty, but can anyone justify the price? There's a rushing sound in my ears now, and I think I'd better sit down. [Perfect8 via audiojunkies]

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