Give the Gift of No Confidence: Blue Raven iPod Repair in a Box

Blue_Raven_iPod_Service.jpgWhat exactly are you saying when you give someone one of Blue Raven's Mail-In Service and Repair Kits for iPod? You buy the box at the store, wrap it up and put it under the tree. When your loved ones finally open it, they learn that they have received a fast-turnaround repair session for their iPod. So you're basically saying one of three things:• Apple doesn't build iPods well.

• My loved one is an idiot who will most likely break or otherwise abuse his/her iPod.

• I don't love him/her enough to buy a new iPod for Christmas.

Nevertheless this often-needed service, including two-way shipping and three-business-day turnaround, comes in three flavors: $US130 iPod Service and Repair Kit for all iPod versions, including any repairs and a free battery replacement; $US60 iPod Replacement Battery Kit; $US130 iPhone Cracked Screen Repair. [Blue Raven]

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