Ghosts of CES Past: Not Everything You See Is Real


A nice pair of reminders that much of what you see at CES is indulgent geek fantasy that might not ever street: The monster 108-inch LCD Sharp showed off at CES 2007—promised to be available this year to customers—is MIA, leading rich people to look for other obscene entertainment options to plow too much money into.

A year later, Sharp's still working on launch plans as the set stands to be unseated as the world's biggest flat-panel display in little more than a week.

Then there was Warner's much ballyhooed, allegedly format-war-ending Total HD disc that crams HD DVD and Blu-ray onto one shiny piece of plastic. Status? Vapour. It got delayed until 2008 halfway into 2007, and then was basically shitcanned as the format trench war squeaks along into yet another year. So many promises, so many broken hearts. [IT World via /.]

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