GE's Cell Fusion Series Pairs Your Home Phone to Your Cellphone

Cell%20Fusion.jpgGE's upcoming Cell Fusion series of phones uses Bluetooth technology to pair your mobile phone to your home phone so that you don't spend minutes looking for you tiny clamshell or slider while its ringing. GE has dubbed the first phone in the Cell Fusion series, the "No Jack" phone, and is geared toward "cord cutters," or those who no longer have a landline. The No Jack phone features a Bluetooth receiver that can pair with up to two cell phones so that you can make and receive calls on a standard sized cordless phone. The No Jack phone will be released in April 2008 in two models, 28127FE1, which just has one handset and costs $US80, and the 28127FE2, which ships with a pair of handsets for $US100.

GE Cell FusionGE Cell Fusion baseGE Cell Fusion handsetGE Cell Fusion Home Gateway

The Cell Fusion series also includes the model 28129FE2 phone which also lets you pair your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to your house phone, but allows you to switch back and forth from your cell to your landline. The caller ID feature will also point out whether an incoming call is for you cell or your home phone. The GE phone will also allow you to choose either your landline or mobile phone when making outgoing calls to take advantage of your unlimited night and weekend minutes. The Cell Fusion 28129FE2 packs in an answering machine and can be expanded up to seven handsets. Like the No Jack phones, the 28129FE2 should be arriving in April 2008 and will set you back $US130.

Rounding out GE's Cell Fusion series is the Home Gateway which is basically a Bluetooth receiver that will work with your existing home phone and Bluetooth-enabled cell and offer up the same functions as the 28129FE2 phone, regardless of your home phone's brand. The Home Gateway can pair up to two mobile phones simultaneously and will also be available in April 2008 for $80. [GE]

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