Geeky, Gadgety Replicas From Movies, Games and TV: (Some) Priced to Own!

michaelknight2.jpgIf you are a collector, chances are that you wouldn't mind having one of these replica gadgets from your favourite game, TV show, or movie show up under the tree (or in the driveway) this holiday. Unfortunately, getting your hands on one is easier said than done. Limited availability and obscene price tags are going to be major obstacles in scoring these geeky holy grails, but not to worry, once you're done drooling, there's another gallery of more affordable replicas after the break.

Stormtrooper HelmetAirwolf HelmetOptimus Prime ReplicaKitt Car ReplicaSamus CostumeMaster Chief SuitGhostbusters Proton PackM41-A Pulse RifleDalek ReplicaB9 Robot ReplicaBatman Forever BatmobileBack to the Future DeloreanA-Team Limo

If the items featured above were a little to rich for your blood, you can still get a piece of the action with a few of these gadgets—most priced well under $300:

Doom BFG RifleSpiderman 3 Pumpkin Bomb ReplicaCyclops Visor ReplicaVoice Activated R2-D2Kitt RC CarFlux Capacitor ReplicaStar Trek Phaser RemoteHalo Covenant Pistol and Rifle

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