GE Premiere DECT 6.0 Phone With Home Intercom For Chatty Cathys

GE%20Premiere.jpgSpeakerphones are usually seen in board rooms, but GE's Premiere DECT 6.0 Phone with Home Intercom brings it to your kitchen. While speakerphones aren't new to home phones, they aren't usually that effective and often produce distant-sounding calls that are filled with echoes. According to GE, the larger acoustic chamber found on its Home Intercom provides a superior, cleaner sound. The phone and speakerphone also include DECT 6.0 technology, which operates on a dedicate frequency to eliminate interference from wireless networks throughout your home.The intercom serves double duty as a wireless home intercom system (so you won't have to shout to let your spouse know that dinner is ready) and monitor for children's rooms. Like many other home phones, the Premiere phone has a built-in digital answering machine, but it features a message playback speed control so that you can slow the message down when someone is leaving you their number. The GE Premiere Phone system will ship with two handsets and an intercom can be expanded to support up to eight total handsets and intercoms. The Premiere Phone system will be available in Spring 2008 and will cost $US100, but you have to cough up $US40 for each additional intercom unit. [GE]

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