FSJ in Talks With Apple?

FSJ%20Jobs%20GI.jpgWe have all come to know and love the ramblings of FSJ, but apparently the real Steve Jobs is not best pleased. Daniel Lyon has been regularly updating his weblog, The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, with details of an Apple led negotiation calling for a cease to the sites activities.

The FSJ shutdown drama, as it has been dubbed, began this morning when Apple contacted Mr Lyon regarding a possible end to activities on the FSJ website. Mr Lyon then posted details of the negotiations on the homepage, but Apple's legal hounds were supposedly displeased with Mr Lyon's openness about their discussions. Since initially contacting FSJ, Apple's lawyers have, according to Mr Lyon, made contact by means of two further, subtly threatening letters. It is difficult to tell whether FSJ is plugging along with his satirical theme; perhaps these posts are another example of his excellent ability to manipulate popular public opinion. We could not possibly say why, or indeed whether we are inclined to believe the situation. What we do know is that this certainly is not out of the realms of possibility; remember the killling Think Secret affair? Is FSJ taking the piss, or is he being pissed on? Check out his first post regarding the affair below, but hit the link to get all the subsequent updates. Let us know what you make of it all.

Episode 1; FSJ Shutdown Drama:

I'm weighing an offer from Apple
So it's a complicated situation but I want to keep everyone in the loop. Bottom line is I've received an overture from the Mothership with a mention of a Think Secret type settlement if I'll stop impersonating Dear Leader on the Web. Nothing nailed down at this point but frankly, honestly, I'm tempted to just take it. I've had a wonderful time doing this blog and have made some great new friends and I'd miss doing it. Also, in my case there are other parties involved, most notably my sponsor, with whom I have a contract to keep doing the blog. That's why I say it's a complicated situation. Discussions will continue and I probably won't be able to disclose what we're talking about. Until things get worked out I'll be posting sporadically at best. To all of you who celebrate Christmas I wish you a happy holiday. To everyone else, enjoy the time off. Spend time with your loved ones. Turn off your computer. Remember what's important. Little hint: It ain't this. Peace out to all, and to all a good night.

[FSJ; image via The Age]

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