Flybar Does its Part to Support the Darwin Effect

flybar_montage.jpgAs if a pogo stick wasn't already an accident waiting to happen, now here comes the Flybar, catapulting you four feet (and maybe even six if you push it) off the ground with its heavy-duty rubber bands. To give you an idea of how dangerous this is, notice all of the users are wearing helmets. Another indication: One of its designers/endorsers, Andy MacDonald, is a pro skateboarder who probably thinks nothing of balancing atop a metal banister as he slides down its length that runs alongside a long flight of concrete stairs. If you have an extra $350 lying around, along with some really good health insurance to cover all those broken bones you're sure to soon acquire, this Flybar might just be for you. [BoysStuff, via UberGizmo]

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