First iTouch VoIP Call

The guys at have been busy readying a VoIP app for the iPod touch, and they have just released a video of the first successful call made using their software. Apparently, the app will be made available to the masses on New Year's Day, so we are holding our breath. Check out the video to see what all the fuss is about. (We've put up the second video the team released, mostly because it was more informative, but if you desperately want to see the first, hit the link after the jump).

If you missed it, we already told you about the microphone that has been prepared for the iPod touch, which should be available now, (though we couldn't spot the order form.) Other than that, all we need now is the app to drop. We have a feeling Apple won't be best pleased, we also have a feeling firmware 1.1.3 may cause a little more work for our buddies at, but we believe in them. As ever, we'll keep you in tune with any developments. []

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