Fake Fur Coat Goes LED Insane

frontdarkx600.jpgSome people light up the room naturally. Others of us need help. And adding 400 LEDs to what is pretty much the epitome of pimpwear already is the perfect fashion storm to make you the star of this year's office festivities. When first activated, the lights alter colours in sync. But over time, this synchronisation wears off and the jacket becomes what first hand accounts will surely refer to as "light vomit."

But what's legitimately neat about this jacket is that the lights are entirely hidden until you turn them on. Here's a detail shot on the fur:

lightcoat.jpgLeft side is on, right side is off.

For those looking to score a jacket of their own, we're not sure how much they cost since the production is a custom job. [enlightened via shinyshiny]

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