ETree Light Makes your Pocket Say Ouch

etree.png Nimble Critters are a couple of designers from Central Saint Martins in London who focus on experimental and innovative work. Their ETree light could be the perfect alternative Christmas tree for those of you not overly enamoured of shedding needles. There are two versions — one for your desk, whose branches measure one-and-a-half feet, and a floor version, which has a tentacle-like reach of five feet. The ETree does not work outside (although Silvia and Jesús can work on bespoke versions). Costing £360 plus shipping for the small version and £990 for the full-scale one, you might find it a tad on the steep side. Still, it would look good in the trailer park if you have to downsize. [Nimble Critters via Neatorama]

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