Epcot Ride Reopens With Steve...err...We Think It's Woz

DSC_0052.jpgLast week we ran a rumour that Epcot's new Spaceship Earth ride had screwed Woz, and that Steve Jobs alone would be immortalised in Disney animatronics. Now that the ride has opened to select guests, we've confirmed that the ride does indeed feature a long-haired, scruffy man tinkering away at a computer in a garage. But we're not sure which Steve he is. And the narration is little help, only mentioning "the late 70s" and a "garage in California," so it's ultimately inconclusive.

But if we had to call it one way or the other? Our money's actually on Woz. And we photoshopped a side-by-side and everything, just to prove our point. apple_garage_77-12.jpgJust look at the figure. It's not lanky like Steve Jobs. The man has some heft, strength even, and that little bit of extra Woz scruff. And stripes. Both pictures have striped shirts! Have you ever witnessed more conclusive evidence?

But what do you think? [lifthill]

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