EchoStar Splits, Sling Media Could Reap the Benefits

slingplayer3.gifAccording to a recent SEC filing, Sling Media's parent company, EchoStar, has formally changed its name to the DISH Network —a move that better aligns the company with its core satellite TV service. A spin-off company called EchoStar Holdings was also formed and, as part of the move, it will be taking over the Sling Media brand. What does this mean for Sling Media and their popular line of Slingbox products?The company believes that it will free up the Slingbox hardware to a broader range of customers—maybe even through cable companies and other DBS providers. For the record, Sling Media has always maintained that they would not manufacture products for use by a single company—a promise that was illustrated earlier this year with a device that appears to incorporate a built-in cable modem. [SEC via GIgaOM via Electronista]

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