DoCoMo's Child-Friendly 3G Phone Comes With RC Bracelet

20071210_F801i_01.jpgDoCoMo, purveyor of multi-coloured phones to Pantone fans in Japan has come up with a 3G phone aimed at kids. As well as having many safety features and a keyboard designed for small fingers, the F801i, which goes on sale in Japan December 20, comes with a bright yellow "amulet." Not to ward off evil phone spirits, but as a remote control and lost phone locator you wear round the wrist. See it, and a gallery with more info, below.20071210_F801i_02.jpgWhen the alarm is activated, all sorts of things happen: A piercing 100-decibel alarm goes off, dazzling LED lights and the cell calls up to three pre-programmed emergency numbers of the parents' choosing. The child's location can also be sent via SMS to registered individuals.


Actually, it sounds like the perfect phone for accident-prone technicolor dreamers. It's waterproof for up to 30 minutes, can withstand jets of water being squirted at it, lose it and, if you press a button on the spanky yellow bracelet, it will bleep if you are within 10 metres of it. If you're not, the phone will shut down automatically, sending a message to another DoCoMo cell if phone and bracelet are not reunited within five minutes. Available in light blue, orange, black and white, there was a massive, child-friendly launch in Tokyo this morning. [NTT DoCoMo Press Release via Wireless Watch Japan and Akihabara News]

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