Did You Know? 500 Pairs of Disposable Earbuds = Fine Art


Half DJ and musician, half avant-garde artist, all geeky engineer, André Fernandes Avelãs is the daddy of the Headphones art project. On display in Stavanger, Norway, the installation consists of 500 pairs of earbuds tied together electronically and controlled by a mixer to create a controlled cacaphony of mind-altering sound. 960 of the little buds are speakers, collectively pushing buzzing sounds around the room, while the remaining 40 buds act as microphones to fuel the feedback loop. "Another unpredicted but welcomed sound source was some white noise from a fucked-up amplification circuit I built," says Avelãs. After the jump is a photo of the final project; we've asked about getting an audio or video sample to make the experience complete. [Make; André's Flickr Gallery]


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