D300 Test Shots: A "Photogenic Weekend" With a Japanese Babe

vol1_off_01.jpgWhile you're drooling as the sample shots from Nikon's full-frame D3 begin to roll in, maybe consider coming back to reality a bit to its able-bodied little cousin, the D300. Here, Impress puts one in the hands of a Japanese pro for a round of test shots under natural light (bounced off of reflectors) for a "photogenic weekend" with a hot Japanese actress. The tester was quite pleased with the D300's rendering of skin tones under Nikon's freshly-tweaked "Picture Control" colour management system, and I must say I'm in agreement. A few more after the break. vol1_03s.jpg vol1_01s.jpg For the full gallery (including some close-to-full-res downloads) hit up Impress

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