Cinema Display Pulled From Apple Store Front Page: New Displays Finally on the Way?

cd.jpgApple's plied Cinema Displays off of the online store's front page and stuffed them under a couple menus so it takes some hunting and a couple of clicks to get to 'em. That snubby little spark, mixed with the fuel they're old as balls at this point (over three years) has rumours of new Cinema Displays lodged in Apple's chimney all aflame.

Again. They are way overdue for an overhaul and update—iSight, HDMI, fresh aluminium coat, the works basically—but this is the umpteeth time we've heard about the imminent arrival glitzy new displays. Of course, the rumour's got the usual "we'll see on the 15th" caveat tacked on. What do you guys wanna see in the inevitable refresh, whenever it happens? [ZDNet via Electronista]

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