China Presents the Goochi Guchy Gucci Cellphone

g.jpgThe Italian fashion house so beloved of fans of pubic topiary is no stranger to having its products knocked off by enterprising people wanting some of the Gucci dollar. Nevertheless, you can bet your life that its people will wince when they see just how a chinese mobile phone company has interpreted the brand. The Gucciphone, complete with crystal and gold trim, is upholstered in that utterly naff double G-logo fabric. Full stats and a gallery are below.


2.1-inch, 16 million colour QVGA screen FM radio 2 Megapixel camera Micro SD support Stereo speakers 110x50x17.6 mm Weighs 99g

The bit that makes me laugh the most is that it comes with a certificate stating that the gold and crystals are real. Cough. [Just Another Mobile Phone Blog via Slashphone]

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