Chimpanzees Beat University Students at Brain Test

You know that game in Brain Age where you get a quick look at a batch of numbers then have to tap them in numerical order after they're hidden? In news that must please the good Dr. Kawashima to no end, scientists at Kyoto University have found that five-year-old chimps are able to perform a (very) similar feat much faster than a group of nine able-minded college students on a touchscreen test bed that resembles the best-selling DS game. With a .7 sec second look, both man and beast are on even ground, but with a 0.4 sec or 0.2 sec (!!) peek, the college kids got owned, completing it 40% of the time compared to the chimps' 80%. One thing's for sure - taking this test probably didn't help the college kids with their self esteem.

While not as funny as a chimp working a typewriter while smoking a cigarette, the video above of brave Ayumu doing his thing is pretty damn amazing. Get that chimp a stylus! [AP]

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