CES to Feature Batman Bat-Gear, Giz Editors Happy

Bat-Happy_Chen.jpgWe just got the heads up that Warner Bros. and Digital Blue were going to be showing off prototype Bat-Gear at CES. (Pause for tingling sensation to subside a little.) Every so often we dream of hanging a Bat-arang, Bat grenades and other items off of an official or unofficial bright yellow utility belt. God knows if this round of gadgets will be a disappointing lineup of Bat-branded crap, or if there will be some astonishing feats of design. The as-yet-unseen products will cover next summer's movie, plus the animated series and comic books. Here's the early word on the gear itself:Initial products will include the Batman USB Drive, Batman Portable DVD Players, Batman LCD Picture Frame and the Batman Beginner Digital Camera. The coolest sounding one is the Batman Carabiner Micro Digital Camera, cuz you already know how it will clip onto your utility belt. They will all debut in June of 2008 at prices ranging from $US15 to $US100.

While Digital Blue will also be at CES to show off new Disney-branded electronics and products from its Smithsonian line, the company's coolest new entries will most likely be a FunHouse Camera with on-board face recognition to morph and distort images on the fly (think Photo Booth, but inside a camera) and a Night-Vision Camera with infrared—certainly not the least cool thing a 12-year-old could own. But why not a Bat Night-Vision Camera? [Digital Blue]

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