Mobile Phone on Fire Didn't Kill Korean, Errant Co-Worker's Excavator Was the Culprit

cellphone_deadman.jpgSeo, the unfortunate 33-year-old Korean man who was said to have died when his mobile phone exploded, was actually killed accidentally by Kwan, his coworker, not by the LG handset that was in his shirt pocket. Now, Kwan has been charged with manslaughter. After backing over Seo with a huge multi-ton excavator, Kwan saw Seo on the ground, bleeding with his clothes on fire. Panicked, he made up a story about the mobile phone killing Seo. No so. Although the phone's battery caught fire after the accident, an autopsy showed bruises and fractures on Seo's chest, arms, back, and even one of his fingers, hardly the work of an exploding mobile. In fact, mobile phone batteries can catch on fire, but don't ignite with enough force to break bones. [Yahoo News and Newswire]

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