Celebrate Day of the Ninja With Ninja Gadgets


Did your stupid, stupid coworkers piss you off back on talk like a Pirate day? You know, that fake holiday that lets people who think they're funny, but actually not, annoy the crap out of you by elongating the R's in every word? Today, The Day of the Ninja, is your chance to get back at them. Here are some ninja gadgets to do so.A Ninja Katana Stylus is the best thing you can use on your DS/smartphone this side of an actual katana.

3684188.jpgThese 3D Dead or Alive mugs let you celebrate sexy female ninjas whenever you take a swig of your morning coffee—because your drink doesn't have to be the only thing that's stiff.

Ninja clocks let you tell exactly what time it is on the "human" time system. What time is it on the "ninja" time system? Killing time.

The Ninja Star NYC subway map is convenient and will allow you to get around the city undetected by blending in in plain sight. Why would ninjas need this? Because they're not originally from NY.

Space Ninja shoes let you run as fast as ninjas do, which is pretty darn fast. We're pretty sure they're not tournament legal. A roommate of ours wore this when he went jogging one time and came back three months younger but with a three month beard growth. Don't ask us how he did it.

shirt_ninja_07.jpgMake a ninja mask with just a plain old T-Shirt.

And if all else fails, you can get your coworkers to shut the hell up by telling them ninjas are silent. [Day of the Ninja]

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