Cablet Carpet Helps You Hide the Evidence of Your Geekyness

cablet_rug.jpgI'm not all about typing on the floor like the dude pictured here, but I do have quite a few cords criss-crossing the rooms of my home. For the most part, these cords are hidden in a very half-assed manner behind couches and under rugs —resulting in a geeky ghetto look that is as dangerous as it is hideous. My guess is that a scenario like the one I just described is fairly common, which is why Paul Kogelnig and Gabriel Heusser designed the Cablet Carpet.

The carpet features a series of cable ducts that you can use to run your cords from gadget to outlet. These ducts are made from a soft foam that makes them undetectable when you walk over them —which means no more tripping and busting your ass. All-in-all a very simple solution to a very annoying problem. Pricing information is available upon request. [Product Page via DVICE]

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