Buffalo's Kid-Friendly USB Memory Sticks Stop Your Little Treasures Getting their Hands on your Porn Files

BFG_PKID_002b.JPGThis is a smart idea from Buffalo: USB memory sticks that your kids can stick in your computer without causing wanton destruction to the files inside — or your reputation when they inadvertently download your skinflicks onto a memory stick and present Belladonna's tattoos to their nonplussed classmates. Gallery and more info below.


BFG_PKID_001b.JPGAvailable in four designs (Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Doraemon and — aargh! — Tamagotchi, the sticks contain a secure internet browser (Yahoo! Kids), a couple of games, and you can even limit the amount of time your little darlings spend attached to their computer. My suggestion? Buy them an OLPC and keep them well away from your notebook. [Buffalo via Akihabara News]

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