Brisa 2000 Fan Looks Crazy, Gets the Job Done in Steampunk Style

brisa_2000_front.jpgIf you're looking for decorative weirdness around your abode, a strange-looking Brisa 2000 ceiling fan by the Matthews Fan Company ought to fit in perfectly. Imagine a spinning fan, itself orbiting around a counterweighted axis as it fills the room with fresh breezes or draws all that hot air upward, your choice. Available in a variety of finishes, or a special order lets you choose your own finish that matches your eclectic decor. You'll need to bring along at least $1000 for the privilege of having one of these whirling conversation pieces keeping you cool, but just be sure to hang it high enough so it won't take the heads off your basketball-playing friends. [Matthews Fan Company, via Born Rich]


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