Breakfast Wrap: Best of Wednesday Night

Crepes.jpg Microsoft Withdraws Free Software Deal, Overwhelmed by Privacy-Hating Cheapskates Suckers! Not that we're bitter or anything about all these "US residents only" offers...

Man Gets Naked, Girl Gets Arrested, Rest of the World Laughs Kiwis. Although someone will have to explain to me why the girl got arrested.

OLPC Ad by Heroes' Masi Oka Has Us Convinced Well, with no new episodes thanks to the writers' strike, I have to take my Hiro Nakamura hit however I can get it.

Star Wars Figures that Didn't Make the Cut (Verdict: George, Make These. Now.) Don't get too excited, they're only concepts. And rocks.

Laser Gunship to Destroy Ground Targets Death Star-Style A little explosive destruction action with your morning coffee.

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