Bone-Conduction Earring Earphones Rock Your Skull, Make You Look Weird

earphone1-1.jpgThe new In-Tech Vibe earphones use bone-conduction to deliver music to your eardrums, all while still letting in ambient sound so you don't get squashed crossing the street. The manufacturer claims that they are safer than other options in busy urban environments because they hang behind your ears, instead of blocking your ear canal and tickling your hypothalamus, like the obligatory diagram shows:earphone2.jpgThey also claim that they allow you to "actually feel the music or game," which probably means that they make your skull vibrate until your eyeballs pop out. The NVE-100s charge via USB, with a 30-minute charge giving you 6 hours of lovely pink earphone-wearing. Their frequency reponse 100Hz to 10kHz, which is not too bad, and they're available first in Korea, for about $120. [Aving via Newlaunches]

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