Bluetooth Headset Foils Crime, Makes Someone Else Look Like a D-Bag For a Change

robbery.jpgWe seldom find a use for wearing a Bluetooth headset on our ear when we're not making calls, but this Wendy's employee has found one of the only three valid exceptions. It all started when a potential robber went up and asked the two employees at local Wendy's to open up a safe when one of the employee's phones went off.

The robber shouted at the employee not to answer the phone, not knowing that the Bluetooth headset was voice-activated and turned on when shouted at. The person on the other end of the line was able to hear the shouting and call the police, who eventually got the guy to release his hostage (but not before ramming his gun own into his forehead until he bled). Long story short, Bluetooth headsets saved the day. [Dispatch]

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