Blu Site Hacked, Format War Battlers Post Your Flames Here

Contrary to the spirit of Peace and Love on Earth this holiday, Blu-ray site was hacked to redirect visitors to the official HD DVD site, and a few weeks ago, the prestigious AVS Forum shut down the Blu and HD DVD section because of the jump in uncivilized discourse. We generally like higher brow comments here at giz, but you've all spoken. You want to fight about it. You want to get all hot under the collar, brandish your brass knuckles, and get into your karate stance. So go ahead, rip each other to shreds in this post as you debate the pros and cons of the Blu and HD DVD. No one can be banned for a statement in this post. Just don't ask me to drive you to the hospital or kiss your booboos better. Which format are you supporting? And do you hate the other?

P.S. Facts for the win. Arm yourself with knowledge of the State of Blu-ray and HD DVD posts.

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