Blockbuster Online Members Socked With Christmas Price Hike

blockbuster_priceincrease.jpgIsn't this a fine little Christmas present from our friends at Blockbuster? Maybe the movie rental company figured since it's this close to the holidays, no one would notice a price increase at Blockbuster Online, announced in a letter to subscribers yesterday. The most painful hit will be taken by those with a "three-out unlimited" plan, taking a huge price boost up the butt, from $US24.99 to $US34.99, an astonishing 40% hike. Those with the two-disc unlimited plan won't be too happy to see their $US21.99 rate suddenly increasing to $US29.99, a 35.3% increase. It wasn't quite that bad for other members, most of which saw plan prices raised a couple of bucks. Netflix, anyone? [Hacking Netflix]

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