Biometric Fingerprint Safe is NRA Endorsed, Futuristic

biosafe.jpgThis Sequiam Biometrics BioVault 2.0 is officially endorsed by the NRA as a biometric gun-safety device, meaning it's safe enough that an organization that specializes in guns believes it can prevent your kids from getting at your guns. And not only is it safe, it's convenient too. How many times have you heard an intruder outside, run over to your security vault and forgot your password? Too many times! We can't remember the last time we couldn't locate our finger (most of the time it's up our nose or in our ear). We'd totally spend the $US399 for this if only we had something to put in it besides our emergency stash of "Snatch, the Magazine" for power outages. [SharperImage via Random Good Stuff]

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