Bill Clinton Uses iPhone, His Tongue to Communicate

Bill%20Clinton%20iPhone%20GI.jpgOne lucky iPhone user got to have a quick chat with ex-president, Bill Clinton. Not only did our man get Bill to sign his iPhone (see picture), he also learnt that Bill has an iPhone of his own, which was gifted to him by el Jobso himself!

That's right, Steve gave Bill an iPhone as a gift, and who can blame him? Bill Clinton's great; he simply oozes charisma. Sure, he may have not known that oral sex constitutes sexual intercourse, but to hell with that—he has more character in the tip of his mischievous tongue than the current president does in his whole president shaped body. For that reason alone, we would gladly have Bill sign our iPhone. We would also gladly receive an iPhone from The Steve himself. Guys, if you're reading and struggling to get our Christmas present in check, the above should hold all the clues you need. [Bioffe]

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