Beer-Brewing Bender is How Bender Would Want to Exist

beerbender.jpgThis life-sized model of Bender hides a secret inside, and it's not a hatred of humanity. No, that's no secret. This Bender is also a beer brewer. And you thought Bender couldn't get any cooler.Inspired from a Futurama episode in which Bender did actually brew beer (Season 3, Episode 12: The Route of All Evil, for those of you keeping track at home), this contraption is a labour of love that's been under construction since this summer. It's really a work of art, looking like it stepped right off the screen. Inside its stomach is the brewing mechanisms and in its head is a functioning computer that plays Bender sayings on command. It even features a cigar that lights up thanks to a handy pen light/felt contraption. And, of course, it brews beer in its belly, which makes it that much better. Totally worth six months of work if you ask me. Be sure to check out the website to see all the detail that went into making Beer Brewing Bender a reality. [Project page]

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