Avalanche Simulator Ride: The Thrill of Being Crushed By Tons of Snow

robocoaster.jpgThe ski resort of Les Deux Alps wants to give visitors a chance to experience what it is like to be caught in an avalanche and learn how to survive without all of that messy "white death" business. The "Robocoaster," as it is called, was the brainchild of of local businessman Marc Dode, who lost a friend in an avalanche several years ago. The simulator is encased in a large dome that features two cabins and a large fan to blow cold air.

It can also rotate around six axes and can throw the user through an arc of seven meters during the course of a two-minute ride, with the final 20 seconds focused on the avalanche itself. The simulator is set to open today at a cost of 10 € or $17 per person. [Les Deux Alps and Pistehors via Get Outdoors]

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