Autocopter Gunship Drone Delivers Auto-Shotgun, Taser or Grenade Rounds

Fortune magazine reports this week that there's a formidable new weapon on the horizon, an Autocopter Gunship that's a mini helicopter drone with two of those badass AA-12 12-gauge recoiless automatic shotguns strapped on. Imagine swarms of robot-copters, each equipped with dual shotguns filling the air with lead, all at a moment's notice.If the shotguns aren't enough to scare you, what if all the robots had Taser shotgun rounds, shocking your arse with enough electricity to make you wish you were dead? Now imagine this sucker dropping off a six-wheeled robot with TWO MORE of those formidable guns on board.

Good god, what's going to happen if this thing gets loose on its own? Until then, enjoy the potential mayhem of this doomsday weapon. [More video at Fortune Magazine, and Defense Review]

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