Australian Rental Chains Side with Blu-ray

kangaroo2AFP_468x693.jpgHD DVD takes another blow on the chin today as Australian movie rental chains Video Ezy and Blockbuster have both decided to offer Blu-ray exclusively. Actually owned by the same parent company, Franchise Entertainment Group, the combined franchises have 870 stores in all. And while that number isn't massive, remember that if each store were to buy but one hi-def disc, that amount of volume would double sales. We kid! But their reasons for siding with Blu-ray may be a little wonky.

While Blu-ray players have outsold HD DVD players nearly 4:1 in Australia, a major reason cited for this decision was the dispersion between regular DVD releases and their HD DVD counterparts. Unfortunately, I don't think that the Blu-ray camp has their release schedule ironed out either. Who else is still waiting for Pan's Labyrinth? [smh via theregister][image]

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