AT&T Kills iPhone Plans For Deaf Thanks To Non-Deaf Douchebags

att.jpgWe wouldn't usually call people douchebags lightly (ok we would), but when you complain that deaf people are getting special treatment when they're offered a $US27.99 non-voice, data-only plan for their iPhone, you're one huge douchebag. A Colorado AT&T store was offering said plan for the hearing-impaired - since they get very little use out of a voice plan - but got slapped down by AT&T Corporate Marketing because people were complaining. The upshot? No more data-only plan for the deaf community. If you think there's a problem here, call up AT&T tell them you really think there should be a data-only plan. [Deafmac via Deafmac via TUAW via Crunchgear]

Update: AT&T's officially bringing an iPhone data-only plan for the hearing-impaired.

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