Asus Eee PC On a Plane to Japan With 16GB and Possibly Windows

eeejapan.jpgAsus Japan has announced that their beloved little lappie, the Eee PC, is heading to Japan. Normally we don't care too much about one of our toys touching down over there, but they're also getting a new 16G(B) model, whereas our rainbow of options ends at 8G. Also, it's rumoured they're getting Windows XP as a pre-install option.You can pretty much add whatever OS you want, but so far only the Fresno school system has gotten Eee PCs pre-loaded with Windows XP and Microsoft apps, per a specific arrangement. The hardware and (probable) price are a good fit for the general Japanese computer market, but not having Windows might prove to be an entry barrier, so it'd make sense for Asus to have it at bat for people looking for a work notebook. We wouldn't mind having the extra choice (or the 16G model) over here, either. [Akihabaranews]

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