AquaMaker AM10 Pulls Drinking Water from Air

AquaMakerAM10.jpgThe AquaMaker AM10 is not your standard office water cooler. Pulling up to 36 litres of water from the air every 38 hours, its independence from water deliveries will make it perfect for some sequel of Office Space set in a rainforest. But for the rest of us, its purported $17/day operating price is just too much for what is, let's be honest, a glorified dehumidifier. While a dehumidifier may lack the air filters on intake, water purification system and automatic water recycling to keep contents fresh, we're guessing you could get the same one-two punch with a Brita pitcher. Our system (which would surely involve some amount of duct tape) surely isn't as sexy, but when your house floods the same day your water lines bust, you'll thank us for not plopping down $1,375 on this model. [product via bbg and ubergizmo]

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