Another Reason Mac Users Are Snobby: They're Greener Than You

steve-jobs-hippie.jpgAccording to Forrester Research, while 53 per cent of US adults are concerned about the environment, only 12 per cent are willing (or can afford) to pay more for green products. We don't have access to the full report—it costs $300, which we need to buy green gear, natch—but the excerpt notes (ironically?) that among major computer companies, Apple's customers are the "greenest," with 17 per cent willing to pay more to go green. The runner-up is HP, with 13 per cent putting up more green for green goods. Overall, the survey makes sense—Mac ownership skews toward segments with more disposable income and that'd be more likely to have environmental concerns. A full 47 per cent of US adults, on the other hand, just don't care about the environment. Does that mean they're Nintendo customers? [Forrester Research via Digital Trends via The Raw Feed]

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