Amazon Kindle on eBay: $US1500; Guy in Santa Suit Delivering a Wii to Your Door Christmas Day: $US28,000

ebayadmness.jpgWhile one of the major quibbles with Kindle is its sure-to-darken-your-wallet $400 pricetag, apparently knowledge is priceless, since the sold-out snowspeeders have been going for up to $US1500 on eBay. The average is only around $US830, but that's still kinda gross. While we're wandering around the seedy area of the eBay neighbourhood:You can also get a Nintendo Wii delivered to your house in the continental US by a guy in a Santa suit on Christmas Day for $US28,000. But you might wanna read the fine print over a couple times to make sure it's the small, white console stuffed in the box, not another Wii that's also small, white and not for children (or anyone really). [TechCrunch, eBay]

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