Amazon Kindle Has Secrets: Faux-GPS Google Maps, Minesweeper, and More


So, you wasted some hard-earned money on bought an Amazon Kindle. Good for you! Now that you have one, it's time to exploit the crap out of it. I'm talking, of course, about easter eggs, otherwise known as functionality that should be available to everybody in the first place. Yes, there's Google Maps access with triangulation locating! Minesweeper! A picture viewer! And more!

Accessing the goodies requires fiddling with the firmware, so you've got to at least sort of know what you're doing in that regard, but once you do, you get all sorts of fun shortcut options. It seems strange that some of this stuff would be hidden, such as the faux-GPS Google Maps functionality. There are commands built-in, such as "find nearest gas station", that makes it seem like at some point these features were planned but scrapped for some reason. Oh well, if you really want them you can have them, just follow the link below for the details. [Reversing Everything via Interface]

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