Almost-Perfect Lego Costume Allows Man to Get Drunk Anonymously

lego-costume1.jpgWe love LEGO, the perfect excuse to waste a weekend doing constructive things and/or just get drunk. We can even eat LEGO. Other people, however, actually are LEGO. Like reader Rob Hoffmann who, pulling a Robert DeNiro, became LEGO himself thanks to vinyl, chicken wire and foam, the three cornerstones of any equilibrated diet:lego-costume2.jpg

"The head is made from chicken wire (1/4 in. square mesh), yellow vinyl, some cotton batting (the mesh would have shown through the vinyl if I didn't use it), and black cloth mesh for the eyes and mouth" Rob told us, "the nub is also chicken wire and vinyl stuffed with foam. You can't tell from the pictures, but it does say LEGO across the top."

The body is made from foam board and a long sleeve mock turtle neck t-shirt. The cloves are made from yellow vinyl and chicken wire (to maintain he shape). The legs are made from a large pair of scrub pants with foam board around the waist so it would fit into the body. I also had suspenders made from elastic to help keep them up.

We couldn't imagine how many hours did this project take. At least a few dozen Millennium Falcons. Luckily Rob told us: "it was a fun project to do and took several weekends worth of work to make, but in the end it was worth it."

Rob, we agree.

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