Ality PIXXA Wi-Fi Looks Cooler than Most Digital Photo Frames

wireless-pixxa_48.jpgAlity has upgraded their PIXXA digital photo frame, although too late for the Xmas buying season. Their new 800 x 600 Wireless PIXXA with Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, built-in speaker and MP3 playback can instantly show photos sent using their Web-based Photo Messenger application, as well as displaying your dates, news and weather. The most interesting this, apart from the its design, is their calendar system. It connects to Google Calendar and can schedule photos to display in specific dates. Their interface is quite elegant:

The Wireless PIXXA also connects to their AlityOnline photo service (with up to 50MB of photo storage) and to your Flickr or Picasa accounts. It will debut in the first half of 2008 for $US299. [Ality via Bornrich]

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