News Round-up: Robo-Pimpin' Ain't Easy and Some Other Stuff

r2pimp.jpg• Activision gets sued for claiming Guitar Hero III is in Dolby Digital when it is actually in mono. The overly-litigious audiophiles may have a point, but they are still dweebs in my book. [Game|Life] • Toshiba has developed a process to increase the capactiy of flash memory to 12.5GB. If terms like "double tunnel layer technology" get you more worked up than the porn you'll be storing on the drive, read on. [Electronista] • Traffic camera in Capitola, California is way too sensitive, issues tickets to innocent drivers 60% of the time. Makes sense to me, the only California drivers I've ever seen aren't much for speeding. [Ubergizmo] • UPS using software to minimise left-hand turns in their deliveries, claims it will save three million gallons of gas per year. Not turning left when you have the ability is just rude to guys like this. [NY Times] • MTV held a Rock Band competition less than a month after the game was released. I can't decide who is more pathetic, the "bands", the people who showed up to watch, or what must be a very desperate Sebastian Bach. [MTV]

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